“I Was Watching That Game on Sunday, Cheering for New York, Jumping Up and Down on my Sofa”


I've mentioned before that I think Metro-era Clint Mathis was Major League Soccer's first truly transcendent player. How loved/known is Cleetus in Gotham? He doesn't even play here anymore yet he's still in the sports pages. Albeit it's a small piece (longer online version here) but still, I don't see any of the current Red Bulls getting on the cover of the sports section of a New York paper (free or otherwise) with a daily circulation of nearly half a million readers. (UPDATE: RBNY on the cover of NY Times sports today...that never happens.)

As for that caption, I'm vaguely alluding to him being on the other side of the ball from New York but I also felt the need for a random Erykah Badu reference. "Whatchu gonna do when they come for you?"


Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

Thank you! I've been meaning to download that song again for about 3years now.

SF said...

No problem money. hadn't seen you in a minute...we need to kick it.

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

Yes sir, 90% sure I'm doing Nevada Smith's tomorrow night.