Don't Let the Trophy Fool You, Things Are a Little Uglier in Columbus Than They Appear at First Glance


The Crew and it's staff should just be chillin' and not thinking about anything more pressing than "What cut of steak shall I have at dinner tonight?" right now; this is their Purple Rain tour. They won the league and by all rights should be spending the week poppin' bottles, picking up chicks because they are now champion athletes (the single guys) or (the married guys) sending their kids to grandma's for a few days so Daddy can remind Mommy that he's still the man in very expensive hotel room somewhere.

Instead they're wondering whether unprotected players Eddie Gaven, Adam Moffat, or Pat Noonan will end up in Seattle. They're curious as to whether Defender of the Year Chad Marshall or Robbie Rogers will take up more continental pursuits like tapas and wearing a beret next season? Will the club pony up and pay Schelotto the DP money needed to pay his salary next year? And they're definitely worried that Sigi Smalls (who apparently didn't have the last word on which players to protect in the expansion draft) will fly the coop for an expansion team; there is even talk that tampering charges have been filed against Seattle.

It's all too much drama to deal with when you should be holding court at a beach-bar somewhere drinking something with an umbrella in it while someone tanned has their hands on you and is laughing at everything you have to say. But I guess there is no time for all that when you are at the top and want to stay there.


Anonymous said...

"Schelotto said that is something Hunt Sports Group does not want to do, although he said he has been encouraged by MLS officials who said they are willing to get creative in order to keep him in Columbus."

Here we go again. MLS changing the rules for one player. Will the controversy ever end? So other major leagues implement rules so often?

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Anonymous said...

do you have more of those photos to share?

MetroFlip73 said...

Also it was nice of Mike Lapper to say that the RBNY fans were louder than the Crew.

High praise.

Anonymous said...

Noassatall? apparently this epidemic has spread to the confines of estadio crew.

Anonymous said...

No really, where'd you get this picture?

Anonymous said...

No SERIOUSLY. More of her. NOW