The Don Speaks and a Reporter Listens. And Writes.


So I just read this piece on Don Garber's speaking engagement at USC last night on 100 Percent Soccer. Allegedly at one point The Don said something he may have had second thoughts about and followed it up with "I hope there's no media people here, they'll get me in trouble for this." Personally I don't think what he says was that controversial or too off base but for his own reasons he thought better of it afterward.

Now if you're a writer sitting in an audience what do you do? Do you take that as a wink from Garber and keep mum in the name of goodwill or do you let your predatory instincts get the better of you and take the bait? I have my own opinion but I'm just a fan and not a member of the press so I don't pretend to have full knowledge of how something like that would typically get played. I do know that a couple of proper writers read TOR on occasion so if any of you would like to comment anonymously on whether or not you would spill Garber's beans in exchange for a story, please do so. I'm quite curious.


Anonymous said...

That shit is on the record; you can't speak in public and expect a level of privacy like that. You are probably right in that he regretted saying it but once it's out it's out.


(Anonymous Soccer Scribe)

Tom Meagher said...

I have to agree with the other commenter. If this was a public event, everything's on the record and fair game.
If he had started this little speech by saying "I'm going to be speaking off the record so I can give you an honest perspective," that would be an entirely different matter.
But once you say something in a public forum in front of 200 people, you can't go back in time and undo it. The cat's out of the bag.
It's not like this is some neophyte who's unaware of how the news media works.

SF said...

Agreed. I guess I would be too nice to be a writer as I might have given him a break (and I would never break a story ever).

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Yes. I agree with the first two. This is a public event and whatever he says is game for publication.

Sometimes you piss off sources. Sometimes their lawyers threaten you for printing what they said ... in a public forum. That's just part of the job.

Mr. Fish said...

While Garber's comments will ruffle feathers, is there any one out there that isn't concerned about how we'll do in South Africa?

We've reaching the plateau of winning just about all of our CONCACAF matches, albeit in ugly fashion, but we're clearly not a Top 10 team at present. Second ten, sure.

Garber could have tempered his concern a bit, but he shares a view that's shared by most, after all.

Anonymous said...

We can have promotion and relegation if the salary cap is lifted enabling owners to ensure they don't get relegated by going out and buying a good team. You don't wanna get relegated Mr. Fat Cat? Then go buy a winner.

Anonymous said...

STFU w/the relegation already!!!!!!!!


(heads to 4:30 anger mgmt class)

Alex said...

I have to agree with Mr. Fish here. Garber may have been too honest for his own good, but anybody who thinks we're on the same level as the big boys of Europe and S. America is lying to themselves.

As for relegation, I think the right structure has to be there not only for MLS but also for USL. That's a long way off (although I think Major League Baseball should seriously look into it).