Chivas USA Gets Playoff Well Wishes from the Future Cast of "So You Think You Can Dance"

Now I don't like to slag anybody who's out there grindin' and whatnot to promote their team's playoff push and whatnot but...Tommy LaSorda? That's your lead-off celebrity endorsement? C'mon now. What, was Dom Deluise too busy baking lasagna for Sigi Schmid's Crew? You couldn't get Richard Simmons out from under the hair dryer at his salon? Holy D-List. Next time y'all need an I-used-to-be-somebody call me and I'll wrestle Hootie away from The Blowfish for you (he's married to my wife's cousin).


Anonymous said...

That was hard to watch. I'm really embarrassed. How many of those people do you think needed an explanation as to what they were endorsing? "You want me to say what?? Who? The Cheetas? - Cheevaz? What about USA??"

soy said...

it was tommy lasorda because the whole video was based on Los Angeles personalities. and tommy L is probably the biggest LA sports rep there is.