Being Juan Carlos Osorio & the Art of Peaking Late


ESPN the Magazine has a brief bit on the trials and tribulations of Juan Carlos Osorio. When you suck, everyone hates you but when you are rolling everyone wants to fellate you. It's like that everywhere but in New York that sh*t is magnified x50. And even though the New York club is going to the Conference finals for only the second time in history I'll bet you one Miami Fusion throw blanket --the most useless item ever produced for a South Florida sports team-- that there are still folks who will call for his head if he doesn't win MLS Cup (if they make it there).

It's a crap position to be in but such is the agony and the ecstasy of being an MLS head coach.


gpullis said...

While I haven't liked the way Osario fiddles with the lineup, the win against Huston was totally off the hook. I think that, by getting into the second round, they've earned their new stadium.

Guy Franzen said...

Come on.Frankencooper is called into camp, and not even a "finally" from you?

SCNewJersey said...

yes, we all know who will call for his head... nickmustgo