The Ballad of Dave van den Bergh


I like this Dave van den Bergh. He's not the youngest or fastest guy on the RBNY wing (Richards is) but he's intelligent and a great crosser of the ball (Richards isn't). At the end of the o7 campaign many fans --myself included-- weren't sure if he would be around for the beginning of the 2008 season; thankfully he was since he's become one of the leaders of a team that was in need of a bit of guidance.

Before his arrival in NY, DVB played a single season for Kansas City but was traded to NY for a third-round pick in the 2007 supplemental draft. That gave the Wizards a total of 3 picks for the round. Where are those picks now? One is playing in Ireland, one isn't playing at all and one is playing on a prison team. Meanwhile they guy they traded away is playing in MLS Cup.


Anonymous said...

This trade has left KC looking pretty dumb now, as does the Movsisyan trade (which admittedly Salt Lake gave up a little more for), but still you can't tell me that KC could not use either of these players right now.

DVDB is in my opinion, the best total soccer player on the side. Sure, Angel is undoubtedly more talented in front of the net and probably the most talented player, but DVDB has an unquestioned knowledge of the game and brought veteran leadership and consistency throughout the season.

Anonymous said...

Don't sleep on the prison league SF, got some real ballerz in there

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kansas City!

kco said...

You're welcome. Holy Crap my club is really good at giving away talent like DvB and My Favorite Movsisyan (EJ "The Grown Ass Man" not included, even though I heard he helped with both goals for Cardiff last weekend)

Anonymous said...

Actually the one that "isn't play" is playing. Godbolt played with the PDL Austin team, and is a favorite to join the USL-1 team.