Auf Wiedersehen: Donoavan Is Back in Germany


Damn y'all. Seems like our Landon might be as serious as a heart attack about going back to Europe. He's in Germany (shudder) training with Bayern Munich and their coach/his homeboy Jurgen Klinsmann for 10 days. Now I won't jump to any conclusions and start spouting off about how this is his first step toward a continental return and that he's definitely leaving the Galaxy and that they'll never be able to replace him and that without him Becks is going to be miser-a-ble et cetera etcetera because there are already 13 other bloggers and legit writers constructing that version of the story as you read this.

What I will say this; I honestly do not believe that there is any way that LA Galaxy can be any better next year without Landon Donovan. Call me naive, ignorant or uninformed if you like but I just can't see them improving without him as a foundation to build around, even if they retain Beckham. Someone mark this down and let's revisit in year...and if I'm wrong tell me.

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