Who The Hell Does Marvell Wynne Think He Is?


Marvell Wynne's sex is on fire y'all. I know he's capable of being a donkey on defense at times but the thing that's blazin' about him right now is his recently acquired penchant for consistent displays of offensive outrageousness rarely seen from men at the back. If you haven't been following TFC as of late here's a recap of some his most recent exploits.

This week in Dallas: as the announcer said, speed kills. So does a nice chip.

Last week in New York: again, dude was running with the pace of a man who was being chased from his lover's bed by her visibly upset and armed husband. He capped off his 'cuckold's sprint' with an assist so clinical I would encourage him to apply to nursing school.

Two weeks ago versus Houston: dude drops the long bomb after a few cuts and stutters. Who does Marvell Wynne think he is?


KirkBhoy said...

Davino's lack of speed and Dario Sala's unexplainable positioning help a lot too.

Credit to Wynne though, the dude has got some talent.

Bonji said...

Perhaps he can push up to be a right winger with Steve C. behind him on the national stage.

Mark said...

I saw Marvell Wynne play with the U-20's in Blaine several years ago. I remember leaving the game saying "damn that Wynne guy is fast as hell, but doesn't play the best defense."

Would be interesting to see him as a winger.