Video: Smyth and Hislop on US v. T&T

The newly re-tooled Yanks are heading down to T&T for Wednesday's next WCQ match. Hear what a bald man with an accent and a man with crazy eyes and an accent have to say about it. Do you want to know what I have to say about it? Who cares, I'm a nobody on Blogspot.


Lucas said...

Mustard shirt and a blue and white striped tie? Only Tommy! The man is a god. And addled, drunken, delirious god.

Anonymous said...

That bald dude is lame and disrespectful

Amy said...

The team got even more re-tooled today with Rolfe and Carroll added to the roster.

Steveinho said...

Never thought I'd get to say that Shaka Hislop was the favorite analyst on ESPN, but... there you go.

...and it has little to do with his accent. Well, a little. Or maybe a little more than a little.

But, he's a pretty well spoken and knowledgeable guy. I'm a fan.

Ok, it's the accent.