Video: Bruce on Becks

I'm sure you've read and heard 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 takes on the Becks-to-AC Milan loan thing so I'll spare you mine. Bruce Arena's is interesting and worth checking out; if he's truly this in the dark about it as the club's coach and GM you really don't have to wonder too much about who is really calling the shots out there in LA LA Land.


Anonymous said...

typical uninformed Brit reporting.

"No MLS player has ever moved to a big club like AC Milan"

Guess Howard to Man U and Adu to Benfica don't count...

chris said...

Actually, I haven't heard a "googol" of takes (Google it).

The whole US blogosphere has been incredibly quiet, and this is the first quote I've heard from anyone in Galaxy or MLS. It doesn't make sense for LA, so I'm still waiting to hear them confirm or deny.

SF said...

A confirmation that there is talk.


andrewk said...

If this happens, if it actually goes through, the only conclusion i'll be able to come to is that Becks is holding something over Lieweke's head.

Loaning him out like this makes no sense to me. Kyle McCarthy's piece on Goal.com the other day put it really well. The best point he made, me thinks, is that if Beckham is gone until June (missing the beginning of the MLS season), the league will backload the Gals schedule to appease owners and investors of the leagues other teams.
And if that happens, LA will burn out before the playoffs, have another shite year, and Becks will be even more unhappy in SoCal.

My prediction, and heads up cuz its a dark one, is that Beckham plays his last game in MLS this weekend.
He doesn't want to be here anymore. He's given up on his crusade to save heathen americans from the NFL and NBA.