Toronto Has Problems (Just Like The Rest of Us).


Hey y'all. The CBC says that Toronto FC have problems; they may not make the playoffs and Carl Robinson might be taking off. Meanwhile the Toronto Sun says that Danny Dichio might be done like Kanye glasses. It's a sh*tuation for sure but not the end of the world.

Now John Carver wants a designated player next season or he's out of there as well. That got me thinking about the question I'm about to pose to you: would TFC be better served by spending a fat stack on a single, game-changing export or finding a way to get DeRo, Onstad and Will Johnson for the same amount of cash?

Now don't think about league rules, salary caps, allocations lists etc. because we all know that those are as flexible as allegedly under-aged Chinese gymnasts. This is all pure fantasy talk and reality could well ruin the conversation. I'm just wondering what y'all think would be better on a general level: one world-class bad-ass or two to three solid local heroes?

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Anonymous said...

Door number two. Put DeRo, Onstad, and Will Johnson on this team rather than another overpriced Brazilian.


Anonymous said...


I concur. Whether they would go is an entirely different matter.

Kelly Fats said...

I saw make DeRo a DP and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

being a long suffering galaxy fan... i'd suggest going with several solid guys rather than one superstar.

unless the superstar is lionel messi...... :D

Nathan said...

Only way DeRo goes to TOR is if Marvell Wynne heads the other way to Houston...as just one part of the deal. Perhaps Ibrahim should come with him.

jevanvoo said...

they should look for quality players that can raise the level of competition. TFC already has a strong fan base, a DP is good for selling tickets, but one person does not make a team. The fans deserve a better product on the pitch, they've already shown they will support the team

Anonymous said...

overpriced brazilian?
this is TFC we're talking about, it will be an overpriced has been former EPL or SPL or Colaship player.