The Thursday Night Hype: MLS Greatest Playoff Moments

It's on y'all. All the hand-holding and grab-assin' of the regular season has finally come to a close and the bed is now set for an 8-team love-in of championship proportions. It's playoff time tonight on ESPN2 and I'm putting my money on Chicago; they showed up big against D.C. last year and they weren't half as good as they are right now. And New England's injury (Twellman, Ralston) and suspension (Smith, Badilla) issues certainly won't help the Rev's cause.

So enjoy the highlights of TT scoring in the clip above of some of the greatest playoff moments of the past few years...it may be the only post-season scoring you see of him this season.

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Lucas said...

I am not a hater. I don't think all nil-nil games are boring. Last night's game was boring. THANKFULLY there were pitchers of beer to sooth the savage fatsos.

I demand a better game next week!