TFC Ownership Alledged To Be Talking GolTV Takeover


I have nothing to base the following on so take it --and everything else on TOR for that matter-- as merely one fan's random perspective. I was just reading this article in the Toronto Globe & Mail about how Toronto FC owners MLSE may be purchasing GolTV when the following line caught my attention: "It's conceivable that Toronto Blue Jays games could air on an MLSE channel nationally."

I don't know a thing about Canadian broadcast regulation but what's to say that TFC games couldn't air nationally? Or more to the point, what's to say that TFC and the games of an expansion team in Montreal or Vancouver couldn't air nationally? After all one of the things that's been metioned repeatedly by The Don and Ivan Gazidis is the need for a national MLS broadcast deal in Canuckistan. I'm just wondering out loud, but a sale like this has the potential to be very beneficial to Canadian expansion cause.

And maybe, just maybe Ray Hudson will bring his half-crazed ass back to the sidelines if John Carver holds true on his threats to leave if he doesn't get his DP. That would be nothing but entertainment!


Anonymous said...

26 or the 30 TFC games this year aired nationally in Canada...15 over the air and the rest on cable.

Martek said...

Anyone who takes Ray Hudson off my TV gets a Dwayne De Rosario spot kick to the nether regions.

I love Gol TV just as it is. The only problem is not enough Ray. And Phil Schoen is the best footy play-by-play guy in the English language ranks. I think these two should do ALL footy games broadcast on these shores.

Anonymous said...

TFC games are already aired nationaly on CBC, Sportsnet and The Score.More importantly is the 26 games that were aired on the CBC network that is free to air. TFC is getting the maximum exposure possible in Canada. The GolTV purchase is interesting because MLSE already operates LeafsTV and RaptorsTV in Canada for the two other professional sports teams it owns and televise about 10 games each year outside of the conventional channe. GolTV would be a natural progression. It would provide MLSE with a source to promote TFC and Football at a grass roots level in Canada.