SI on Huckerby, Rojas, McBride and Jaqua


"Burly" is not the word that I would use to describe San Jose's British bad-ass Darren Huckerby. Soccer America's Ridge Mahoney would though. For me that word brings visions of TAD to mind, not those of a quick-moving soccer player. Personally I would terms like "prolific", "fiery" and "tragically surnamed" but I didn't write this piece for SI.com on Major League Soccer's "game-changing" newcomers so my choice of words is irrelevant.

On the other hand Huck's contribution to the Earthquakes is far from irrelevant. Dude was brought in mid-season and suddenly the expansion side was on a nine-game unbeaten streak. You can say what you want about him being work-a-day and a journeyman but you can't deny that anyone who can jump into an unfamiliar team --and league-- and drop a half-dozen in the back of the net in only 13 games is not a killer.

There's also a few words about RBNY's Jorge Rojas, Macca and Nate Jaqua although calling the later two "newcomers" is somewhat inaccurate. Macca we can call returning hero. As for Jaqua I think the term "prodigal son" might be in order.

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