Ruud Gullit May Have a Shelf Full of JFK Conspiracy Books

Ruud Gullit image for The Offside Rules

Ruud Gullit is on some X-Files sh*t right now. He thinks 'the truth is out there' and that the powers that be at Major League Soccer don't really want David, or the sport to succeed in America. I won't even try to understand this but will instead point you to one of my favorite bloggers, Bill Archer. He does this one so much better than I could.


UnionCityBlue said...

What a complete tit Archer is, he's got a bigger ego than Gullit. It seems clear to me that Ruud was saying that MLS limits it's expansion / growth with the handicaps they put in place for their franchises.

Lee S said...

What bothers/disturbs me the most about all of this?
You say that one of your favorite bloggers is Bill Archer.



Anonymous said...


C'mon SF, Archer?, I thought you had good taste. That's like saying MLSR is my favorite site.

Cool points have been officially deducted sir.

SF said...

I'm not saying he's the greatest but I do enjoy seeing what he and Dan Loney have to say. I may not always agree with them but it's always entertaining.

Star said...

it's true that Ruud Gullit is completely gay ? I heard some rumors that he uses kamagra too.