Portland Timbers Owners In The Huffington Post


From Merritt-ocracy: The Paulson Sporting Doctrine by Dave Zirin at HuffingtonPost.com:

"Merritt [Paulson] is not the sole owner of the Beavers and Timbers; he has only an 80 percent stake. The man with the 20 percent stake is his father, Hammerin' Hank. If you can keep the bile out of your throat for a moment, you have got to give the Paulson family credit for cheek. You can almost imagine the scene: the Paulsons sitting around the dinner table, munching on bald eagle pate, ruminating on their $700 billion credit line and saying, "What's $85 million more?""

Bald eagle pate! HA! Still he's kind of got a point...why do you need someone else's money when you got shedloads of your own? I won't pick on them though since they managed to get MLS a mention on Huffington without mentioning David Beckham.

Image courtesy of Daylife.


Lucas said...

I will 100% guarantee you that Dave Zirin would never have spent 2 seconds thinking about Portland (the city, the schools, the sports teams etc) if a prominent and currently very unpopular cabinet member weren't involved. Fuck this injecting politics into sports shit and fuck the knee-jerk haters (of which there will be many here in PDX, and which are making me less and less optimistic of our chances to get MLS).

Fuck em all.

johnpetersen said...

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