Part of the Weekend Never Dies

The clip above is the trailer for Soulwax/2 Many DJ's recently-released rockumentary. I think it has officially surpassed Depeche Mode's classic film "101", which set the standard for dance music road flicks back in 1989, and will be the reigning champion of the medium until Justice slays us all with "A Cross The Universe" next month. Not exactly a long tenure at the top but hey, it beats relegation.

Since Friday I have watched this movie 3 times and my eyes now have a permanent twitch from the ever-present strobe light. Perhaps that is what Soulwax/2 Many DJ's meant when they named the film "Part of the Weekend Never Dies".

If you're interested you can watch it in it's sweaty, chaotic entirety by clicking on the link in the column to the right entitled "Part of the Weekend Never Dies". If you are in the NY area the band will be premiering the film at their mega-gig at Irving Plaza on Friday Oct. 24th where they will play live as Soulwax and hit the decks as 2 Many DJ's. What happens in between? Just some guy called Pete Tong will be DJing and some dirty rock dudes called Scars on Broadway that are also in a tiny little band called System of Down. Nothing special.

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Anonymous said...

Had not heard of Scars on Broadway but liked SOAD. Thanks.