No Room at Rio Tinto Stadium Inn


Remember when the iPhone first came out and you couldn't get one even if you quite literally camped out and queued for hours. It's just like that...and I love it. LOVE. IT. There are few things better for selling a product (read: putting asses in seats) than having an aire of scarcity and exclusivity around it.

The only thing that would make it any better would be if they had some waifish, snobby chick at the door with a velvet rope and a clipboard asking people "And who are you with?" before arrogantly denying them entry because of their attire.


Anonymous said...

Then I guess 20K folks get to see the Stormin' Mormons lose at home. That's grass, not turf. So much for RSL's home field advantage.

Brian said...

Ha, they called you the New York Bulls.

Hold up, I shouldn't laugh since RSL wouldn't have playoff hopes if DC DIDN'T SUCK! That said, our benchwarmers have played great in their last two CONCACAF matches.

Jay-Five said...

Way to open the new digs with a "sell-out". It's great that RSL is reaching out to the invisible populace and/or giving a second chanceS to ticket counters previously fired by the Crew.

What a nice stadium... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

Jay-Five OUT