MLS Miami Would Be Good for My Mojito Consumption


I just read this thing in the Miami Herald about how "Welcome MLS" was splashed across the Jumbotron at FIU's football practice on Tuesday. I guess the powers that be are all kinds of for real about returning to Miami with Barcelona in tow, in particular to FIU's bizarre new stadium.

Perhaps you've seen photos of the stadium before, like the one above? It's being built by MLS' SSS go-to guys Rossetti Architects with a much smaller stand on one side. Apparently they retract back and forth for soccer and football. They are building it in stages so it'll look better once completed in 2011 but at 45K capacity it might be a bit much for soccer. Interesting stuff; could Miami really be back like that?


Anonymous said...

not feeling miami

FC Uptown said...

That pitch is FieldTurf. So right there that is a huge turnoff. I imagine that endzone is permanent paint too.

Anonymous said...

if FIU option is permanent then no, if it's temporary maybe, but even then they got many things against them.

-Miami traditionally a weak sports town

-They'll be all alone in the south, no rivalries

-Economy is not gonna help support for public money for a stadium, FIU can't be answer long term

-Very international town but who goes to Miami to watch a soccer game?

Anonymous said...

That is one FUGLY stadium.