Mo Edu Talks To the New York Times, George Bush Doesn't


Jeffrey Marcus of the new York Times Goal blog recently spoke with former MLS Rookie of the Year and current Glasgow Ranger Maurice Edu about what's really going on. He has some cliched things to say (“Every day, you’re really grinding, competing for your position”) but they're probably cliche because they're true.

E-Dude is in country for the U.S. Men's World Cup Qualifier against whatever Cubans haven't defected yet. You should watch it. Better yet you should go to it. I'll be there with a jar of corn whiskey...come say "hi".


Anonymous said...

SF, you sittin with the Barra Brava for the game? Aren't they your sworn enemies?

Brian said...

my bro and I, who both read TOR, will be there. First round on us.

SF said...

Barra Brava my enemies? I have no real beef with those guys or any supporters groups other than when they play my team I want them to lose. We'll sing all manner of inappropriate song at one another during the match but I'm not enemies with anyone; once the game is over I'll kick it with anyone regardless of who they support. And for me it's country over club when the nats play.

Having said that, the last time I went to RFK I saw one of the D.C. skins throw a bottle at an opposing supporter unprovoked; that guy can go fuck himself.