Glasvegas: Footie, Crap Dads, and Social Workers

Have you checked out Glasvegas yet? It's not for everybody but if you're down with olde, dreary British bands like Jesus & Mary Chain and Echo & The Bunnymen and pre-Joshua Tree U2 you might feel these guys (and girl). It's sort of like Editors but with all of their indie-disco ambitions thrown in the bin.

As the name might portend, they are out of Glasgow and are purported to be massive Celtic fans so I like them. Loads. It also helps their cause that singer-guitarist and chief maudlin MF James Allan has played for Queens Park Rangers and Falkirk & Gretna of the SPL; perhaps his time on the pitch is what led him to write the darkly soaring 'Flowers & Football Tops', a song about the Hillsborough Stadium disaster written from a parents perspective.

Check them out on Myspace if you get a chance as there's loads of tracks that you can check out without dropping a dime. Also check out the live performance of new single 'Geraldine' above and the video for the I-grew-up-with-an-absentee-father singalong anthem 'Daddy's Gone' below; this is pretty much what passes for 'Dear Mama' if you come from the Clyde.


Anonymous said...

"Daddy's Gone" is an absolutely massive tune. Huge singalong live.

andrewk said...

good stuff. me likey.

Anonymous said...

U2 is not british idiot. They're from Dublin which is in the Republic of Ireland.

SF said...

Obvs. Did you notice the "and" in the sentence? It denotes a separation of the aforementioned British bands (which is one subject) and U2 (which is a separate subject.