Freddie Ljungberg: Already Making a Media Splash


See here's the thing with signing Freddie Ljungberg. In addition to what he brings on the field, he brings a name and looks off the field. You can call me superficial if you like but I have to say that when Hollywood gossip sites as popular as Perez Hilton are reporting on still unconfirmed MLS transfer talk because you look better than me in a pair of underwear I ain't mad at you. The only other footballers that are ever on that site are Becks and CR7 so I say pimp him out like he's your best girl and behind on the rent.

Seriously, I want to see Freddie everywhere. On The View. On Ellen. Injured on a hospital gurney on Grey's Anatomy. Sneaking out of the bed of one of the Desperate Housewives. I want him to star in a Lifetime Original movie entitled Right-Footed, Half-Naked & Swedish: The Freddie Ljungberg Story. I want him to co-host a half-hour variety show with Wayne Brady. I want him on a half-hour variety show catching passes from Tom Brady. Sh*t, I wouldn't mind seeing him in a one-man, off-broadway production of The Brady Bunch.

Point is more MLS and U.S. Soccer players in the mainstream media is nothing but good, regardless of what you may think of Perez. At the end of the day who cares if I'm talking about Freddie Ljungberg; anyone who reads TOR is probably 100% converted to the game or at least flirting with footie. What we need is for Johnny Unconverted and Mary Jane Inside Edition to pay attention...and they watch Extra & read TMZ.