Danleigh Borman Wants Fame, Friends, Curry & Obama


South Africa's Danleigh Borman is a bit of a mystery to me. He had a couple of weeks in May where his sex was on fire and I thought he might become a regular starter but then just as quickly he was back on the bench. Still though, he's shown flashes --at least to my untrained eye-- of some real skill that might well benefit RBNY and the Bafana Bafana.

There is a fairly in-depth (if somewhat haughty and randomly Beckhamized) piece on him in The Times of South Africa today. It it he states that he's lonely, wants to be recognized on the street, homesick and has a desire (surprise!) to eventually play in Europe and to use MLS a springboard a la former Rapid and Metrostar Shaun Bartlett. Good luck to him but can you get RBNY past the opening round of the playoff's first? If you can do that I know cats who will pay for your plane ticket over there and your first trip to Ibiza.


Anonymous said...

Cool article. Thanks SF.

Anonymous said...

Well Borman can do more than just root for Obama . . . certainly ACORN could register him to vote in Ohio as a homeless person.

All you need is a park bench to call home.

- Curtis Spiteri

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of playing with both Danleigh and the drunken fan in the picture at the University of Rhode Island.. both are great guys. I hope Danleigh can get off the bench in the playoffs, and can stick w/ the Red Bulls into next year.