Scot Lake City: Population 2

Folks this is entertainment of the highest order courtesy of Behind the Shield. Real Salt Lake's Ian Joy and Kenny Deuchar are keeping it all 'Highlands-chic' on the Wasatch Front and pushing the very limits of the "Does this need subtitles?" threshold with accents as thick as Guinness and colorful phrases like "I'm sweatin' like a beaver in a wet suit". Kyle y Javi are great, but this...this is hysterical.

If only they were allowed to do this segment with six pints of the black stuff and a half a bottle of Glenmorangie in each of their bellies, then we'd be talking DVD release, an appearance on Conan and talks with Ricky Gervais about an adaptation for the The Food Network. But I'm fairly certain that drunken Caledonians rummaging through a specialist grocery in officially sanctioned team videos is frowned upon by the powers that be, no matter how entertaining.


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genius...change RSL to the Highlanders

Anonymous said...

The 'Highlanders' were one of the options, when the team had a public vote.

Anonymous said...

Their accents are as thick as 90 shilling. Guinness is an Irish tipple.