New York Mets Not Sleeping on MLS Efforts


Prepare yourself. You are about to hear a strange, loud sucking sound that you have never heard before. It's the sound of every member of the Borough Boys gasping aloud then crying joyously at the same time. Why? Because they are about to read the following statement from Major League Soccer communications honcho Dan Courtemanche in regard to the NY Mets plans for a second MLS side in New York: "We've had preliminary discussions".

Take it for what you want (and believe me, people will) but you can hear what's really what from the Mets executive vice president for business David Howard on Bloomberg Radio's "On The Ball" program Sept. 13th.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, if they don't get an expantion team, maybe KC Wiz will move there.

Anonymous said...

as a NYRB fan, i have to say that when a second ny team comes into play it could be the hight of soccer on the east coast. Because the red bulls will be settled in the best soccer specific stadium in North America, in new jersey, a second ny team won't faze them that much. But the glory of this is the rivalry and atmosphere that will be created by traveling to away games at, philly, dc, boston, and now nyc.