The Don Talks About Everyone's Favorite Topic


If I were to list in order the topics that get the most referrals, generate the most traffic and ignite the most debate in the comments of this 'lil blog it would look like this:

5. That Benny Feilhaber video.
4. Free stuff.
3. All things Beckham.
2. Anything with the 'Flesh' tag.
1. Expansion talk.


The AMT said...

17. Portland
18. Montreal
19. NYQueens
20. Miami

That gives us 20. End of expansion. Despite NHL owners in the league, the last thing we want is overexpansion.

That said, there's almost no way the Don will stop at 20, what with $50M+ expansion fees. So...

21. Vancouver
22. St. Louis

Any other cities should just go the Houston route and steal a team away. Chivas USA and the Wiz come to mind.

Amy said...

#5 on your list should be "give us kenny cooper!!!"

Anonymous said...

A little shocking to see Portland down on the list behind "frontrunners" Vancouver and Ottawa. Really?? Vancouver who wants to play in a cavernous football stadium with turf and football lines, and Ottawa in the middle of nowhere Canada? Portland isn't better then that? This league is twisted.

Portland and NY2 next.

Then Montreal, Vancouver.

Miami, St. Louis



and then....


OK Ottawa you're in.

pooperscooper said...

does nobody cares about poor ol' las vegas?

Anonymous said...

"Really?? Vancouver who wants to play in a cavernous football stadium with turf and football lines"

Easy to leave out that whole privately funded downtown waterfront stadium part of their bid isn't it... That might just be a minor selling point to MLS lol

I like Portland's bid but the jury's still out on whether the city will foot that bill.

I predict NY2 and one of St. Louis or Montreal getting in this time

Anonymous said...

It's going to be an american team and a canadian team. Bank on it

Bob S said...

Pittsburgh, heard it here first


Mr. Held Over said...

In regard to NY2, I say wait to see what the reaction is with Red Bull Stadium in place. See what the buzz is like after that. I'd rather get a team like Montreal in before that, not only do they already have a stadium in place, but it can be easily upgraded.

Capello said...

Portland for the West and Montreal for the East. Both have great stadiums with great attendance that can be easily upgraded.