Boot Camp for Red Bull Arena Staff


In the foyer of the Bull Eye Pub, Red Bull's member's bar at Giants Stadium, there is a n architect's model of Red Bull Arena. It's about the size of really thick, wide cake and to my SSS-starved sweet tooth it looks equally delicious. It's snapped the photo above of it Saturday night; please excuse the glare and spots (the iPhone's camera is it's weakness).

I have mentioned previously that I really believe that the delays with the stadium have (in some ways) worked out for the best and that this franchise can't get out of Giants Stadium fast enough for a myriad of reasons. Now you and I haven't talked about it much here at TOR but the security and stadium staff at Giants Stadium are not exactly fan-favorites. But when Red Bull gets their own house expect a kinder, gentler and possibly Taurine-enhanced crew working the isles, turnstiles, and concession stands.

In a piece in today's Sports Business Journal (subscription), RBNY honcho Erik Stover says "We have to be very cognizant of how we represent the brand as a whole because a negative in-game experience can impact the entire company". So to achieve this goal they're hiring consulting company Global Interface to create a 4-6 week Cliff's Notes version of "Red Bull College" that all1500 Red Bull Arena staff members will undergo prior to the opening of the stadium.

Corporate brain-washing or Motown-style finishing school? Dunno. I don't really care though because frankly if it helps them to have building full of helpful people with a great attitude and not a barn full of swine jacked-up on testosterone & failed dreams, I'm behind it whole-hog.


chris said...

hopefully the college will help to reduce the number of problems fans have with security at the new stadium.

JL said...

Sweeeeeeeetttt! I want to be employed by RBNY! Where do I apply. I've been searching endlessly for ways to get in touch with them.

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