Debacle! Red Bull Park Construction Hits Another Snag


From today's Kearny Journal:

"While construction of a new Major League Soccer stadium and adjoining parking garage have halted due to an ongoing eminent domain case winding its way through the court system, the Red Bulls franchise is still seeking final approval for steel construction to begin at the site.

The franchise is slated to appear before the planning board on Aug. 12, more than two weeks before the eminent domain case will be heard in Hudson County Superior Court on Aug. 27.

"Obviously, they will be impacted by the court's decision," Lauro said of the Red Bulls.

The case centers on several former owners of the property who claim that the Harrison Redevelopment Agency failed to properly notify them of its plans to pursue eminent domain before seizing their properties last year."

I really try to be a positive person, and brush off JMFD (Jaded Metro Fan Disease) as often as possible, but when I read this buried in the bottom of an article about New Jersey condo development --all the while RBNY is saying that steel is going in this month-- I can't help but feel like God does truly hate Metro.

Read the article, which goes on to say that work was halted on the site due to a judicial order, here if you want good afternoon bummer. I know getting anything built in New Jersey is a pain akin to an awake root canal but c'mon now Red Bull, why must you bullsh*t your fans by saying that steel is going in this month and you're on track for a mid-season '09 opening knowing that your construction site has been shut down and that eminent domain cases can last longer than this year's MLB All-Star game. All I ever did was love you...why can't you love me back?

That's alright though. Mrs. Diana Ross has been through it and she feels our pain; behold the official Red Bull Park anthem.

Props to Metros11 for the heads up.


lakaix15 said...

my friend how much is that true... everyday there are people working on the site.... so how can it be shut down???? steel will be comming and it will be put in this month trust me.... my reports dont lie.... you know me....

Anonymous said...

yo SF are you a masochist or something? When are you gonna go ahead and jump ship already, I suggest the future Queens team, or maybe Philly, or even DC

andrewk said...

RB is such a joke. I feel for fans like you SF. If i was a metro fan i'd have my fingers crossed for a second NY team.

Anonymous said...

Article is erroneous. Get your facts straight before believing everything you read and start crying a river. Construction is absolutely NOT "halted", there is no judicial order stating so, and the lawsuit does not regard ownership of the site.

Don't be so quick to bash mighty RB, losers. Just move to DC and root for United, we don't need fickle fans like you.

SF said...

Pretty stuck into RBNY at this point so going to another team isn't an option.

As far as not believing what I read...it's not like it's written on MLSStadiumRumors.com or something. It's on NJ.com, the website of the Star-Ledger for Christ sakes. You're telling me I shoud trust someone who posts anonymously on a blog, but not an accredited & respected news organization?

Chicken Little said...

In other news, the sky is falling.

The Soccer Source said...

well let's not commit mass suicide just yet. Yes, this is a reputable news source and yes it is saying construction has stopped and unless somebody was actually on the site and can tell me differently I see no reason not to believe it. However, the article also says the case will be heard at the end of the month, which means work can resume at that point.

Assuming of course the decision goes against RB. But even then they can appeal it, though at that point we likely will be looking at lengthy delays.

The Soccer Source said...

wait a tick! This report may be erroneous after all:


tfina said...

Brian Lewis is picking it up in his blog as well - the delay is due to a permit issue, which has nothing to do with the eminent domain issue.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

"Don't be so quick to bash mighty RB, losers. Just move to DC and root for United, we don't need fickle fans like you."

Dear anonymous,

You're an idiot!

And as a Red Bull season ticket holder I can tell you that RB needs as many fans as it can get. Between a legacy of dumb management moves, a lousy venue, "security" staff that harass the club's hardcore supporters, etc., RB is lucky that it still has supporters at all.

I'm guessing you work for the club.

And what exactly is mighty about OUR club?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I got a little carried away. We do need all the fans we can get. Angry, misinformed ones included.