Jozy Altidore's Playlist: All-Over Print Hoodie Not Included


Check it out y'all. After a few weeks of wrangling, I was finally able to get a hold on Jozy Altidore's playlist for my day job. I wasn't sure what to expect but what we got back was nothing but the illest of the trillest in "now" hip-hop & southern rap. It seems that The Boy King of New York & Jersey™ likes to keep it --to borrow a phrase from the Philly section of I-95-- gully.

What's the kid rocking? Pretty much the lineup from the last five Source Awards rolled into one. Street anthems from DJ Khaled (he's the best, just ask him). Some classic Jigga. And you know there is some Weezy in there just to keep it crackin'. Basically he's like Young Jeezy but without all the gun charges.

You can listen to it for free over at Rhapsody.com. You just might want to use headphones if your cube is next to an arch-conservative or "Facebook Gangsta". The latter may start wildin' out if he gets wind of "I'm So Hood".


RochesterSoccer said...

Hahahahaha that last paragraph killed me, great stuff as always man

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