Is It Time to Call Time on Extra Time?


So I was just reading this press release about Mo Johnston joining the cast of GolTV's Extra Time show and it's dawned on me that there are enough separate entities that produce a product with that name to tie up every single intellectual property court in the country for the entirety of the next world cup qualifying cycle.

This isn't a jab at anyone in particular or at any of the slew of Extra Time's out there. I watch/read/use/enjoy all of them and am thankful they all contribute to the American soccer landscape but I just know that they're all creative enough to come up with something different. I mean who wants to see this turn into one of those things like Voltron where there are 3 different sets of robots out there claiming to be "defender of the universe"? I know I don't.


Sean said...

That PS2 game was raw though. Pro Evolution Soccer engine + MLS = Money.

Mark said...

If anyones interested, I'm making an MLS Patch for Pro Evo 6 for PC. Its got actual HD bitmap kits, all the player with their real-life boots etc.

I'll probably sneekily include a cracked version of PES6, so that you can play the "MLS Pro Evo" without having to buy PES6.

Like I said, if that interests anyone and they'd like to download it (for free), I'm MarkRFC_ on bigsoccer, I'll make a thread when its done.