The Father's Day Post


Happy Father's Day to all the real daddy's out there...enjoy your big piece of chicken tonight.
A special and very sincere Happy Father's Day shout out goes out Santino Quaranta; big props to you cousin for maning-up and handling your business.

All you baby-daddy's out there who have been down take note, there is a way up.


Binks said...

A big fuck you goes to Marcelo Balboa for his commentary during last night's Red Bulls DC United match on HDNet for saying that this sort of admission is not good for the game in the game and it should be kept private.

Sir (douchebag) this EXACT piece is what has been lacking from the game in the states and has been a problem from the start. PR shitheads and US Soccer luminaries like yourself have managed to put such a homogenized layer on the game and those that are apart of it that it takes articles like this to bring an element of life and it's challenges back to the game.

Of course, I'm sure that part of your position is based on the fact that your mistakes were never brought out in the open and your interest in maintaining that.

From this Metro supporters perspective, Santino, you've been absolved of your mistakes and crap on field play during your tenure at Red Bull because of your interest in "manning up" in the game called life.

michfan2123 said...

Chris Rock is the man.

Goose said...

I can't imagine driving from North Jersey to Baltimore every night.

BoogerMan said...

I like my Oxycotin with Redbull.

The Truth said...

To think that from where he is now, to where he was at 16 and all the time he's missed on the field.

That's 7 years. Think about where'd this cat be at if he didn't go through personal turmoil. Could he be in Europe now? Would we be talking about him rather than Dempsey? Or Adu? Would he be the American young gun?

Damn, it's crazy to think about. He still has at least 7 good years of soccer left in him. But to think, to a certain extent, he's starting all over again this year, that's just crazy...

I agree with you Binks. Stories like Santino's really put light on professional sports, even soccer and its dark underbelly.

All the best to the man.

andrewk said...

the truth, nevermind imagining where he'd be without the personal turmoil. Imagine where he'd be without soccer. Six feet under, that's where, man. Then again, if he wasnt a soccer player he might not have been injured and exposed to painkillers.

The part of this story that gets me is the fact that he called the league office to come clean and ask for help. That's amazing. Have you ever, EVER, heard of an athlete from one of the big sports in america coming forward on his own, proactively, to admit his drug use or steroid use or what have you and ask for help? No way.
You can't help but really respect Quaranta for that.

Anonymous said...

props to kevin payne and DC for giving him that second chance and admitting that, perhaps, they could have handled things better. of course we'll never know if things would have been different, but that admission took guts too.

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