Video: ESPN Previews the US - England Match

Game day is finally upon us and Anglophiles across the country are entering the opening stages of a drunken afternoon of self-loathing, fronting, internal conflict and split-allegiances. With the U.S. playing England at Wembley in a few hours, faux-hawked footie fans from Philly to Flagstaff are putting on their replica kits to root, root, root for...England.

If you'll afford me a moment on my soapbox for one minute I would like to express my disdain for at least 3 people I have seen today who --to the best of my knowledge-- are at least 4 generations removed from any British heritage they may have, yet are behind the Three Lions in today's match because (to quote one of these loathsome individuals) "the U.S. sucks...and Americans like a winner".

True, we are kinda into victoriousness and whatnot but we also appreciate a little loyalty. And to be honest, I tend to root for England against almost anyone...except the U.S. I dunno, maybe I'm making something out of nothing but I wish that just for once people would put aside the glamor for the grit.

Enjoy the match.


tfina said...

"because (to quote one of these loathsome individuals) "the U.S. sucks...and Americans like a winner".

and yet they root for England anyway.

Odd that.

SF said...

I know. Irony defined.

Elliott said...

This too is THE biggest problem I have with my fellow soccer fans in the USA.

No one could ever accuse me of being patriotic (at least not in the traditional sense), but when the Nats suit up and I hear MY national anthem being played I feel a kinship to my country and to this sport.

I'm a proud member of the soccer community in the States. I've played soccer, coached soccer, and traveled with the boys to Germany in '06 as a fan (in fact, I'd love to see these Eng-er-land "fans" try to join up with actual English fans... HA!)

Our team isn't pretty and sometimes we don't play well, but I love every last wart and blemish.

kco said...

haha. Ignorance is funny. To quote a famous shirt "The Best part about playing for England... Summer's Off!"

Anonymous said...

I remember in WC'06 sitting in a bar in Sarasota, FL watching US take on Italy, and being surrounded by Italy shirts...but oddly enough, those wearing the Italy shirts were speaking in flat affect American accents. Odd.

Bob S said...

I get torn when the US plays Poland but in the end its always going to be USA that gets my cheers.

Silly Anglophiles and their lack of Euro 2008 qualification, I scoff in their general direction.

Coby said...

England has history, but their current state isn't anything too glamorous.

"Americans like a winner."

This isn't true when they are on the losing end.

Wankah's! as the glamorous would say.

M. Komar said...

Average-Joe Glory Seekers