Sports Media Apologizes For Beckham Neglect


From the most serious sports news network ever:

NEW YORK, NY In a unique gesture, the members of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association of America took out a full page ad in the sports section of USA Today, apologizing for “forgetting about David Beckham."

Last week, after being contacted by MLS commissioner Don Garber, the NSSA had a startling realization - they had collectively forgotten Beckham was in America and playing soccer.

According to sources, this led to a meeting of the minds, who thought that the right thing to do was a public apology. In part, it read, “The NSSA would like to apologize for completely forgetting about David Beckham. We realize there are a few people out there who enjoy watching soccer, and had we remembered about the MLS, we surely would have had a representative attend at least one game.”


Anonymous said...

Who the F-uck is David Beckerman?

Arelcao Akleos said...

Isn't he that guy full of Red Bull, the one they call GoldenWeight?

escort said...

Quite worthwhile info, thank you for the article.