Quavas Kirk, Dipset & Ducky in the Same Post!?


That over-sized easter egg above is DC United's Quavas Kirk. I'm just going to put it out there that this is maybe too much. Like "2004 Camron from Dipset pink overload" too much. I mean I'll rock a shirt every once in a while but not a whole suit. Ladies what do you think: pretty in pink or pimp?

He kind of looks like he's dressed for prom so maybe he's "pretty in pink", which leads me to tell you that the TOR Muxtape has been updated and inspired by the classic 80's film of the same name and theme. But it's not actually 80's music, but just music that sounds like it came from a lost John Hughes flick. There is one 80's band in there --mope-rock granddads The Cure-- but it's a brand new song. There is also the new Coldplay song that was used in the Euro 2008 commercial that was debuted on ESPN last Thursday.

Don't be afraid, explore your inner Ducky.


jevanvoo said...

is it just me, or his head too small for his body?

Onionbag.com said...

someone photoshop a stethascope round his neck .... man, that's a bad fit !

Anonymous said...

quavas looks fineeee in that!
hot damnn

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