5 Burning Questions: Substitute Teachers Edition

Today is the last day of school for many students all over this great country of ours. As we speak America's school kids are daydreaming of a summer of late mornings and weekday sleepovers. They are also talking semester tests comprised of a bunch of questions about things they'll have forgotten about by the 4th of July.

It is in this spirit of examination that I invite you to copy TOR's answers to ESPN's Five Burning Questions. Just don't let the teacher see you.

1. Beckham = Yes

2. McBride = Chicago

3. Arena = Possible

4. Seattle = C (that's what I always pick when I don't know the answer)

5. Blanco = Brilliance

Bonus answer: a healthy Patrick Swayze (the question is "Glenn Davis reminds me of someone but I can't think of who it it).

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