Video: Why Portland Rules

Unfortunately-named TOR reader D Earkle forwarded the video above to TOR headquarters this morning. Sorry to bring up old sh*t, but seriously y'all how is this not one of the best places in the country to watch a soccer match?! For the love of Eddie Pope (for he is a defensive God) and all that is holy, would some rich people please find a way to get this town an MLS team...Seattle needs someone to hate on them!


Anonymous said...

Timbers Army = ESC west?

SF said...

Some similar chants in there for sure, but that's probably where the similarity ends.

michfan2123 said...

This is awesome. Give this city a team. If they give NYC a team first then I will be furious. If you live in NYC just support the Red Bulls.

Aren't two teams going to start in 2011? It will be St. Louis and Portland or Montreal.

Bob said...

We're building something special in Portland, MLS or not. Average attendance for the first three home games is 8,900. We have an owner who is committed to building a great franchise. And indeed, he is working behind the scenes to build a stadium for the minor league baseball team and upgrade PGE Park for MLS. Even if we remain in the USL we'll have a blast for 90 minutes at the stadium and put Seattle's support to shame.

More video from Seattle at Portland

Teddie Boy Eddie said...


I can understand why you feel that way.

But I can tell you as an NYC resident and Red Bulls season ticket holder that it is a royal pain in the arse to get out to the Meadowlands in NJ. It's a tough sell for anyone less than an ardent soccer supporter to make that trip for matches. It's just another reason most people in the city don't consider Red Bull NY (should be NJ) their team. That, and they have always played in NJ, making them a Jersey team (like the Devils in hockey) not NY.

NJ isn't NY, and you can't compare it to any other metropolitan situation in the country, where everyone has a car and drives. Some of the problem will be alleviated when the new Red Bull Park opens near a commuter rail line offering easier access from NYC.

There should be a team in NY, and there should be a team in Portland. And eventually there will be in both.

michfan2123 said...

Portland has no team. Fans there don't have a MLS team remotely close to them. In NYC we have the Red Bulls. Putting a team in NYC before Portland is just not fair to the people who matter most. The fans.

Lucas said...

If I may address the idea that Portland's support owes anything in the least to Empire Supporters.

Ha. Ha, ha ha. And furthermore, HahahaHA. Ha.

Like Bob said: MLS, USL, whatever, we're going to be there going bonkers for 90 minutes to support our boys.

Anonymous said...

ny = sucks
seattle = suckyer

timbers = rule

Capello said...

If that video was the Puerto Rico game there were close to 11,000 of us there.

Anonymous said...

Looking good. Best support in the USL? Montreal has some good support too. Nobody will ever top TFC support!

Pine Time said...

teddie boy eddie,

I understand how difficult it is to get out to the Meadowlands, but are you saying that NYC no longer has an NFL team? I mean, they both play in the Meadowlands.

Anyway, Cheers!