Major League Blogging: Relegation Edition


So it's time to address the 2008 Major League Blogging Credibility Table. With Amado Guevara having finally landed in Toronto, let's recap what some people had to say about it. SBI 1st reported on this back on March 18th. Then Soccer Insider and it's "reliable sources" put the brake's on it. Toronto's On Soccer blog said a lot without saying anything at all. And MLS Rumors, citing someone they heard on the radio, said it wouldn't happen.

Now player negotiations are always fluid, but I would be remiss if I didn't award points to SBI for sticking to their guns on this one. At the other end of the spectrum, MLS Rumors and Soccer Insider said the whole thing was a wash so they get nothing on this one points-wise, and Soccer Insider will lose a little something in the Power Rankings.

As for MLS Rumors I think the right thing to do here is to relegate them. This is a decision not taken lightly. An effort was made toward giving them a chance to run with the big boys that they un-humbly made a point of equating themselves with (using a chart full of dubious traffic figures), but at the end of the day when positioned alongside the competition they really are a bit out of their depth. Additionally, they seemed to express some trepidation about their major league status.

Another blog, Sideline Views, also expressed something bordering on disdain for the Cred Table. They're seeking credit for being the the 1st one's out their with Carlos Ruiz's injury. Problem is they want credit for a misdiagnoses; they said the injury was "a right medial collateral ligament sprain" but his surgery was for "tear of the meniscus in his right knee". Now Ray Charles could have seen that his injury was serious and would lead to some bench time so the question is "is writing that enough to give them credit for being the 1st to report?" Personally I think you have to get the injury right, but I will call it a draw and give them 1 point.

Anyway they, along with MLS Rumors, imply that they're not about breaking stories, but then both point out instances where they were the 1st to present some bit of information. It's a puzzling response which leaves the impression that some people are quite serious about playing reporter until someone suggests there may be potential flaws in it; you can't have your cake and eat it to.

And speaking of flaws I will be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last person to admit that the Credibility Table --and this blog for that matter-- is flawed. How does everyone feel about a change in formats to the 2008 Major League Blogging Relevance Power Rankings? Or are you opposed on the grounds that the name is just damned unwieldy?

Lastly, the Table is not here to hurt anyone so please don't take it --or me-- too seriously. You'll only end up disappointed.



Y.K. said...

Say what you like about MLS Rumors but they get more hits that this blog and they've been more right than you give them credit for. See today's Toronto signings for example.

And their traffic rating is pretty high. I just checked and they kill your blog.

SF said...

"And their traffic rating is pretty high. I just checked and they kill your blog."

So you know this isn't a competition right? I'm sure they do get loads of traffic, but that's got nothing to do with me. For them to throw up "panel estimates" of what Offside.com and SBI.com get that are waaaaaay off is a bit off-putting and somewhat arrogant. Especially if they're traffic figures aren't public. It just a bit unsavory.

I'd be curious to see how you know what this site's traffic is as it's masked and only the administrator has access.

Anonymous said...

The ranking system is retarded. MLS Rummors not accurate? Please look up the word rummor in a dictionary.

This blog sounds a little like little man syndrome, comparing and ranking everyone else's blog. Please continue to post about soccer, not about other blogs, and I will continue to read.


Allen said...

I don't get the point of the rankings.

SF said...

"MLS Rummors not accurate? Please look up the word rummor in a dictionary. "


You might want to look it up as well. It's spelled 2 different ways and that isn't either one of them.

No little man syndrome here...I am not in competition with anyone.

Anonymous said...

I happen to like the idea. I find it funny that other blogger's give so much of shit what someone else says. It's also very original, which most of the blogs out there aren't. Keep it up SF!

SF said...

So glad you said that. Originality is ultimately what I'm trying to do with this thing. Thanks.

Drink Don said...

What's really funny as that anyone is taking SF seriously. Surely you all know by now that this is all a big joke!?!

Anonymous said...

I for one enjoy the ~dramaz~ and watching the alleged 'big boys' - MLSR really does need to calm down already - get all riled up.

It's hilarious. It's meant to be - anyone who doesn't get it needs to check their sense of humour.

Keep it up, SF.

Mingo said...

Keep it up SF, any blog sites that are getting their panties in a knot over MLB need to relax.

George said...

hi! this is george from FC Rocky (rockymountainnews.com/soccer). i love the idea of the blog credibility table and power rankings! it's great to have the feedback. keep up the good work.
George Tanner
FC Rocky

Anonymous said...

I think we all laugh at MLSR due to their weird ratings system and just the overall way they carry themselves when they write something. Nothing about them screams credible to me and they always come across as a spoiled brat when people call them out on anything. What you're doing is fun and interesting. Who gives a damn about web stats here anyways, their stats have always seemed a bit off to me but whatever. Unlike them I think you don't dwell in that, which is why they tend to lose more readers than gain them anymore.

Lastly, I love how their one claim to fame is the Philly announcement. I know a few sites out there that broke it just as they did and have broke other news more than they have. Sure they don't "break news" but they sure as hell think they do.

Anyways, good stuff. Keep it up. I'd love to see smaller blogs like Center Holds It, WVHooligan, or Pitch Invasion in a lower division here. Even if they aren't breaking news like the big guys, I'm sure they could compete with MLSR! haha

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Keep it as is, SF. Anybody who runs a blog and takes it too seriously deserves a smack now and again.

michfan2123 said...


Stop arguing people.

Anonymous said...

I love the chart and find it pretty amusing that people are getting so worked up over it. All it's doing is stirring shit up and giving TOR more hits. Keep up the good work SF.

Steveinho said...

I think we're seeing the size of egos and the level of hurt some of them are taking over points, or lack there of, acquired.

Hope everyone enjoys their serving of humble pie.

Cletus said...

You're doing a great job. I am jumping into the fray with my new blog - http://thatswhyheshere.blogspot.com/ - but will be analyzing, not breaking news. I'll also be making fun of MLSR a lot because they deserve it.

andrew said...

SF, don't change a thing. TOR is going in a great direction.

I love what someone above suggested about a lower division. I'm looking forward to relegation battles between blogs.

Keep it up my man, best sense of humor in the soccer blogosphere.

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