What's Better Than Fantasy? Major League Blogging


So now that the 2008 MLS season has begun (without my Red Bulls mind you but that's ok) I'm sure many of you have dug yourselves deep into that netherworld of points and trades that is Fantasy MLS . While that's cool for getting reacquainted with your 14 year-old, Dungeons & Dragons playing-self, I have something a little bit different that you might want to get down with; Major League Blogging.

Do you love rumor, news & gossip but kinda like it to turn out to be real on occasion? Think that the beat blogger in your city is the best around? Ever wanted to call BS on some unscrupulous hack who's "reporting" that your favorite player is getting traded because their "source" is a phony post on Bigsoccer? This is your chance to do so.

Beginning today the 2008 Major League Blogging Credibility Table will live in the right hand column on this page. Anytime one of the selected blogs get a story right they get a point (ex. blog "A" says that Amado Guevara is coming back to MLS and will play for Toronto and then it happens, blog "A" gets a point). When they get it half-right they get a draw (ex. Amado returns to MLS but goes to San Jose they get a draw). And if they say Amado is coming and Amado ends up in Dubai they get a loss.
I'm going to do as much scoring as I can but the fun part of this will be all of you noticing who's right and who's not worth reading.

So just like the people at Homeland Security say, "if you see something, say something"; don't hesitate to drop me an email with who's saying what or who you'd like to call bullshit on.

Lastly a note about the blogs featured. Basically I tried to get blogs whose stock & trade is news & rumor, were updated frequently, were cited by other blogs often and with the exception of one blog (you know who it is) appeared to make an effort to appear moderately legit in appearance. So in case you are wondering why such heavy-weight blogs as Du Nord and This Is American Soccer are not included, this is your answer. That and the fact that Du Nord is utterly infallible.
So please feel free to hit me up with any and all solid scoops and total inaccuracies.

And yes, there WILL be relegation.


Sidenetting said...

great idea...can't see the table

SF said...

Had to edit it, but it's back up now.

Anonymous said...

Best idea ever.

Mingo said...

Major League Blogging needs promotion/relegation and a fall/spring schedule or it will never be taken seriously!

Bob S said...

Just to reiterate what mingo said no one will take Major League Blogging seriously until every blogger has a Soccer Specific Server. SSS' are vital for the leagues development and MLB just isn't there yet.

SF said...

"Soccer Specific Server". I'm laughing my ass off. So great...you sir deserve the slow clap.

But read the post to the end. It CLEARLY states that there will be relegation.

Anonymous said...

bahaha this is so awesome

Steve said...

I'll put any amount of money behind MLS Rumors for relegation

Martek said...

Awesome plan SF. Nutmegged is behind you 100 percent.

I do enjoy MLS Rumors though, much in the same way I enjoy the headline writing at the NY Post. The hold on reality may be tenuous at best, but what a wild world it describes!

Anonymous said...

And MLS Rumors pulls a Gretna!


This throws the table into chaos!

Anonymous said...

The clear favorite has to be Soccer Insider.

Anonymous said...

Where's Center Line Soccer on the list? Jeff Carlisle is writing for them!