Video: FC Dallas v. CAP Highlights, Ref Rumble

One of the many pre-season exhibition's played this past week involved FC Dallas and it's Brazillian step-sister Clube Atletico Paranaense. If you didn't catch it on MLSnet over the weekend, check the highlights in the clip above (courtesy of the FC Dallas blog). Not only does it feature a cheeky chip from Davey Wagenfuhr but also a near riot-inducing goal from Pablo Richetti. Seriously, CAP jumped the ref after the goal and things got as ugly as Betty.


Anonymous said...

FC Dallas uniforms = awful. based on a few of the other kits adidas churned out this year, i am going to give them a grade of D-

on another note, that chip was silky smooth

Martek said...

Agree on the unis. Can people at long last stop calling the candystripers "Hoops" now since they don't link up? Nice shot from Richetti, especially since CAP was acting like a load of babies there before the kick.