Things You Never Thought You'd See: Yank Plays for Brazil


So have you heard about this young American chick from Chicago named Leah Fortune? She's 17-years old and playing for the Brazilian ladies U-20's. Apparently she's pretty good and is wowing them down there in rodizio-country with her Rob Johnson-esque throw-ins, to which you can bear witness in the video below, which according to someone who speaks Portuguese compares her to Roberto Carlos:

And if anyone wants to go accusing this girl of being some sort of estrogen-filled version of
Giuseppe Rossi, and you know someone will before sunset tonight, here's something to chew on for a second. Rossi was born to Italian parents in America where he was raised; Fortune was born to American parents in Brazil and left when she was 2 years old. Since I'm sure that there will be tons of debate about her, I'd encourage you to read the whole story here before forming an opinion. I'd also encourage the new Chicago WPS team to sign her, like, now.

Potential for controversy + trademark novelty move + local flavor = box office $.


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Ghiop said...

Wonderful. Thanks for that valuable insight. Why bother posting?

I think it's a shame, but I guess it was sort of inevitable: women of some talent are probably going to be blocked trying to make the US WNT. I suppose this is one of the consequences of being as good as our team is. Still, a shame.
Hopefully when the new league starts up next year, we can lure some of these women back to the US to play on clubs, at least.

ianslater said...

They were playing in my town, oh what an honor!

Now you're making me regret not having watched their games, damn you.

Roar said...

anonymous douchebags posting on the internet?


PS. Abby Wambach is twice the man you wish you were