You Too Can Belong To Jesus


Did you spend your Sunday morning on your knees praying for salvation and an away win? Do you follow AC Milan with an almost religious fervor? Have you ever crossed yourself before a penalty that you weren't taking?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above I have the shirt for you. Just like Brazilian bad-ass Kaka, you too may in fact belong to Jesus. Should you feel the need to share that love while giving a sly wink to your slavish devotion of inside futbol pop-culture, the best course of action may be to adorn yourself with this replica from Objectivo, makers of quite nice soccer apparel.

Even if you belong to a different spiritual entitiy, I recommend you get this tee; if nothing else it might help you fit in on your next trip to Mike Huckabee campaign headquarters.


Joshua said...

I was hoping that this would link to a shirt that said "I belong to kaka".

SF said...

That's not a back idea actually. You should make it.

andrew said...

didn't the church that Kaka's in to get nailed for laundering tons of money or something...thought i read that somewheres.

if it's true, maybe a better shirt would read "your money belongs to jesus"

Devin said...

did you read the interview he did with FIFA magazine a few months back where he talks about his life after football and how he's going to be an evangelical minister?

if only he could get ronaldo too...rev ron would have a nice ring.

George said...

The shirt is nice, but it would be slick if it had "I Belong to Jesus" on the front and 22 on the back.

MJ said...

"...if nothing else it might help you fit in on your next trip to Mike Huckabee campaign headquarters."

Alright, see ya there. :-)

charlton heston said...

The post's title should have read, "Missionary Position," I mean, have you seen his woman?

And on a more serious note, I belong to Jesus too.