Chicago: Conde Wants Out, Marlet Wants In


Damn y'all, if Chicago fans weren't already hating on New York for the "coach-poach" of Juan Carlos Osorio, the possible defection of defender Wilman Conde could be the thing that makes even the most even-keeled Fire supporter lose thier religion.

Run over to Luis Arroyave's Red Card blog for Conde's soliloquy in it's entireity but the Cliff's Note version is that Conde was brought to Chicago by JCO, and he wants to leave Chicago with JCO. Now I've no idea how much of this is just wishful thinking on Conde's part or if JCO really is trying to get the and back together but I'll tell you this; if this is going to happen Chicago has to make Red Bull pay dearly. Not just for business-sake, but for thier own self-respect.

Not everyone wants to escape Bridgeview though. Formerly fantastic French International Steve Marlet is currently on trial with the Fire and is hoping to be Chitown-down in 2008. Seems like ages ago that he was Fulham then-record £12 million man, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Why would NY overpay when it's Conde and Chicago who have the problem? NY didn't ask for him, they've got plenty of money, and they won't give up any of their few good attacking players to sign a defender. Richards, Angel, or Altidore would be far harder to replace than if JCO scouted and signed another defender from outside the league.

Chicago's the one who has the problem: either they give up Conde for less than some Chicago fans would like (and what are you saying, give up their manhood? please) or deal with a player who takes up a good bit of salary money and basically said he's willing to tank it if he doesn't get what he wants.

Keep in mind that Angel and Altidore are untouchable, and the very reason Osorio wants Conde is because he feels he'll play an effective long diagonal ball to the speedy Richards. They won't bring in Conde if it would mean losing Richards.

I know people salivate thinking about the value they can strip from NY, but it ain't happening. This is the rare opportunity where NY has someone else in a tough place.

CousinBinksta said...

See one club losing key people to another (that's not Los Angeles) is sometimes pretty fucking funny.

This is one of those times.

Anonymous said...

Not to get overly pedantic on you, but it's Marlet.

Wendel said...

one chicago fan said that the Fire should accept nothing short of Jozy Altidore AND cash.

Yeah Right! Conde is good but if RBNY was willing to part with him they would have done so when real madrid and Reading came around offering 8 million. The days of bruce arena are over dont except any more "our best fullback and cash for your worst player" type trades anymore.

even though conde wants out i give the deal only a 50% chance of actually occurring unless maybe NY can give up reyna and his DP spot for a year......haha. But this is definitely one to watch.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being Blog of The Year by the editors of Soccerlens.com I am glad to have been reading this blog for the past year, plus it is more entertaining than most soccer blogs.

You are the Superbad of soccer blogs, you push the limits, but remain innocent. Keep it up in 2008 and as a Fire fan I hope Osorio and Conde get married in Massachusetts someday and then they will always be together and they don't need to have an Atonement like life.

npoppe said...


João Pinto to Toronto?

SF said...

"Congrats on being Blog of The Year by the editors of Soccerlens.com"

Thanks. Kinda cool innit? I've never actually read Soccerlens but it's nice of them to notice.