TOR Exclusive: The Kurt Morsink Inquisition


So what do you know about Kurt Morsink? Probably not much unless you are Eddie Johnson, Costa Rican or a blood relative. While perusing the Wizards roster last week I was wondering my damn self "who is this kid?" So my inquiring mind made a long-distance call and found out all about Mr. Morsink's gambling habits, spending habits, and his former roomate's -one Eddie Johnson- cleaning habits.

What's up Kurt? Where are you?
Sunny Bradenton, FL. It’s way better than Kansas City right now. I think KC is about 0 degrees today, so it’s definitely way better to be here. Plus we get to play a lot of poker here with teammates.

You grew up in Costa Rica right? Which club from down there would you least like to face in CONCACAF competition?
None. First, I would love to face any of those teams because I think we’d be able to beat any team from Costa Rica. Second, it would be nice to be able to go back to Costa Rice and play against those teams. It would be nice to play against my old club Liga Deportiva Alajuelense.

More importantly do you know where I should party if go down there for a visit/bender?
I was actually just at a resort called Melia Conchal with my girlfriend. It’s a nice tourist area. A paradise with a beach and a five-star resort. I recommend you go there.

Now you were Eddie Johnson's roommate back in the day. Was he the "I'm gonna "borrow" some of your cologne until it's all gone" type of roommate or the "Kurt would you please pick your underwear up from the living room floor because it attracts pests and scares the ladies" type?
Probably the second. He liked to keep the room clean. I like it clean too; we had a lot in common in that sense. We weren’t too picky, but we liked a neat organized place.

Speaking of EJ, have you seen the photos of his new Gucci outfit?
I hadn’t seen it, but I just did. He definitely doesn’t lack style. He’s definitely not shy about using some of his income toward his wardrobe. That doesn’t surprise me at all.

And what do you waste entirely too much money on?
I’d definitely say poker because I think I’m a great poker player, but I’ve won one poker tournament out of about 100 since I’ve been here. But, I won the first 2008 tournament the Wizards had, so that gives me confidence going into this year’s tournaments.

I see. So what's the one thing that you are cheap about?
Living with Eddie, I learned to be cheap about nothing. I’m more of a gambling, spend my money stupidly type than a cheap type of guy. I’m more of the outgoing, free-spending type. I probably should take better care of my money, actually.

You've been in KC for a minute now. Tell me something about the city that I don't know.
It’s actually very different than when you’re just visiting. It’s got great casinos and it’s good to party, but it’s definitely a great place to live. Visiting for a couple of days, there’s not the most to do, but it’s a good place to live. It’s a good mixture of big-city and small town.

I understand you were some kind of bad ass at James Madison. Do you find that college soccer with it's unlimited substitutions, and lack of stoppage or injury time is in some ways a completely different game from the pro game?

I think the college soccer rules are a joke, to be honest. Unlimited substitution and the clock stopping? I think it should be switched. I think it’s kind of disrespectful toward a game with such rich tradition.

You do a really bad rat impersonation but is there one that you do well?
That was one of my first impersonations there, courtesy of former teammate Nick Garcia in my rookie year. I don’t do the best impersonations, but the best person who does great impersonations of our teammates is assistant coach Kris Kelderman. He can do about anyone, and it’s hilarious. He does Michael Harrington really well… his walk. He does Sergei Raad, a guy who was on the team last year, he does an impersonation of him to a tee.

Lastly, what is Kurt Morsink doing in 2008?

Like any soccer player and his teammates, we’re trying to bring a championship to Kansas City. That’s our goal for the whole team. It’s really our main goal. That’s my main goal personally and for the team just win a championship because we were close last year, and I think we have the right tools and the right coaching staff to make a run at it this year.


charlton heston said...

Nice post. You don't see many other blogs take this tact to find information where there appears to be none.

This way it benefits MLS by personalizing players and getting us familiarized with their backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

the red/black colors kill my eyes. kinda feels like my eyes are bleeding.

Anonymous said...

I have no reason to make this shit up but just wait Kurt Morsink will be one of the best players in the country eventually!

Anonymous said...

CRHC, Rodrigo Kenton said that he would call Kurt for Ntal team duty sometime this year. He would be the second costarican to be called directly from MLS after Gonzalo Segares fron Chicago Fire.

Anonymous said...

WTF is this kid talking about? he thinks he could take any costarican team? saprissa FC would kick KC's ass by far, anybody that hasn't heard of saprissa, i invite u to do some research. they went to the soccer league world cup and finished 3rd... OMG some nerves this morsink...

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