RSL's Name Actually Isn't All That Bad.


People still hate on Real Salt Lake for their name. Sure there's nothing royal or even marginally Spanish about SLC but it's been 3+ years so we should move on. At least until they get re-branded.

But even if RSL is a marginally absurd moniker for the team, looking at the photo above you have to admit that it could be worse. There's a reason you never hear about the failed NASL expansion bid from 1979.


SF said...

Obviously this is a joke. Thought I'd mention that before someone starts pouring through their NASL history books looking for rumored expansion teams.

Timoteo said...

Seriously, how do you come up with this shti? What part of your reptilian brain stem spawns this sick hilariousness? How come I didn't get that part in my nervous system? It seems you and the writers at Maxim are genetic freaks who are next evolutionary stage. Ya gotta warn me though, because I (unfortunately) wear tan dockers to work alot of the time, and today (again)I partially pissed myself laughing so hard reading this (at least I didn't shart). You know tan dockers, that spot stays way too long, and a dude can only stay behind his desk so long. So give a brother a heads up next time.

Anonymous said...

Never move on! They must Re-Brand!!! Hate Fake Salt Lake forever. They're an embarassment to the league.

Bob S said...

Haha they've only got 2 subs unfortunately so clearly they couldn't last long in the league. (There's a guy behind the lumberjack, perhaps he's "representing the crest", sorry that was terrible)

Another excellent post as usual, your blog is exactly what the MLS and American soccer needs more of.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Hmmm ... they look just like every dude from Williamsburg and on Smith St. these days.

CousinBinksta said...

I guess that "rebranding" is out now. LOL!