Red Bulls Camp is BYOL (Bring Your Own Ladies)


I dunno what's going on at the Red Bulls pre-season camp out in Carson other than they lost to Chivas and cut some players. What I don't know is who brought the track-panted ladies with them. If you know who they are give Luis Bueno at Sideline Views a shout...he seems interested and open to meeting them for an In & Out Burger or something.

Shout out to SRubio for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

THAT'S the best RBNY (DKNY) can do?? Good God. Nice titties do not a hottie make.

Anonymous said...

And YIKES, the one on the left is just ugly all-around.

Patient Boy said...

Do you have a tag for "Ballin' In Control"?


Perhaps it's time to consider that.

Anonymous said...

"Nice titties do not a hottie make."

On the contrary. If you keep it simple it's harder to be let down. Low standards = few disappointments.

hm said...

I'm gonna laugh if we come to find out you guys where getting all excited about a picture of some office staff workers.

blahblah said...

Alright SF, you lost me when you said Elisha Cuthbert was hot when she made out with Paris Hilton but now you're back. Another brilliant post form theoffsiderules. Keep 'em coming.

Rob said...

@blahblah...get your mind correct. On the hotness scale:

Elisha + Paris: 11. (95% because of Elisha)

Those horsey looking chicks: 5. (If they were making out...7.)