Pele is Now Free to Play the Field


Guess who's back on the block? Yes, the old master is getting divorced/paroled from his wife of 13 years. Why? Because he "doesn't have enough time...to make his marriage work". Now there's a happy Valentine's message.

So ladies if you like your men famous, rich, old or a combination of the three you might want to dust of your best gold-digging outfit before the queue gets too long. I wonder if he still has that suit? Shit, I bet he still fits in it if he does.


andrew said...

that woman looks like a man.

Anonymous said...

And anybody looking for (NSFW)truth in advertising:


SF said...

Uh, is that dude in the back that is leering at the camera stoking it? Not cool.

L Train said...

Pele should be able to stay married and hit anything he wants on the side.