NSR: Kanye's "Flashing Lights" Video

Finally a video comes out for the most-wanted cut on Ye's latest album and after watching this about 6 times I've decided that it doesn't disappoint. At first I was unsure, but I'm now officially with it.

It's a 2:47sec slice of cinematic glory that's got it all. Sex, violence, a hot car, and pyro; your basic Las Vegas Saturday night. But you really need to watch this for yourself if for nothing other than learning what the proper way to dispose of your clothes when committing a felony. And judging from all the chatter in the comments of the Jimmy Conrad mixtape post I know there are some music heads out there who'll soooooo have an opinion on this one.

Pour yourself a drink and watch out for those flashing, lights, lights, lights, lights!


Rob said...

God damn. I've always held Graduation as a distant third as a Kanye album...but I'm officially digging that song.

And if I gots to go, that's how I want it to be.

Anonymous said...

yeah, this jam is tight, i wasnt a huge fan of the album at first, but its grown on me lots... others hit right out the gate

that said, video is good, not great, too slow to get there... lets move faster... rabbit in your headlights it is not

Anonymous said...

Who is that woman? I'd take a spade to the gut to see her in that outfit in person.

SF said...

She is Rita. G and she is, in a word, bangin'!!!