Local Boy Done Good: 24 Hrs in Texas With Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey and I have similar priorities. When returning to Texas from abroad one of the first things one should always do is seek out the nearest quality Mexican food on offer. Especially if one is coming from Fulham where the best local Mexican place, La Perla on Fulham Rd., is good but it serves raspberry salsa and is frequented by Right Said Fred. Real Mexican restaurants don't do raspberries. Or Right Said Fred!

But that's just my biased opinion having personally felt Duece's pain. You can listen to him lament his culinary longings, hook up with his family in a Houston hotel room, and be the subject of multiple photo shoots and interviews in the US Soccer video clip. Personally I've always wondered what it's like for these guys when they come in for national team games but not camp. Surely these whistle-stop games are exhausting but whatever you gotta do to represent you do it. Good stuff from USSoccer.com…more please.


Christopher said...

Deuce looks like H.W. Plainview all growned up.

CousinBinksta said...

I felt like helping.

Best Mexican food I've had anywhere. http://www.lacasita.co.uk/
If I remember correctlymoved from CO/NM and set up shop in of all places, Swindon. Everything is made from scratch and has heat. Highly recommended for those that get west of Reading on the regular.

Oh, and to keep this on topic. Deuce is awesome. :)