The Librarian: Win a Copy of "The Ball is Round"


For all you bookworms and historians out there, here's an opportunity to add some serious girth to your footie library. TOR has a few copies of David Goldblatt's colossal & comprehensive soccer history tome, The Ball is Round, and I'm going to give them away to 3 lucky winners. One of the most thorough books out there on world football, this sucker weighs in at a shelf-buckling 992+ pages...basically by the time you finish this the US will be hosting the World Cup again.

How do you get down? Simple. Just subscribe to TOR by Friday when I'll draw names from the list of subscribing email addresses. If you are already a subscriber then you're already in the running. If you aren't a subscriber, then get to typing in the box at the top right of the page.


Crispus Attucks said...

i subscribe via rss, not email. i'm getting screwed. no taxation without representation!

don't tread on me.

Devin said...

what if i subscribe every email adress i have and create more just for more chances?

i spent about an hour flipping through this a couple of weeks ago at the bookstore..it's an excellent read..if i only had the 35 dollars to drop i'd be a proud owner..

how many subscribers are we up to now anyways?

SF said...

"what if i subscribe every email adress i have and create more just for more chances?"

You could do if you like. There's less than 300 so far so your odds would be improved significantly.

L Train said...

I needs me some bathroom reading material.

CousinBinksta said...

He does. He spends as much time dumping as most people commute.

capellothegreat said...

If i don't win it i'll still buy it.