Dribble Like Jehuu

Do you know who Jehuu Caulcrick is? He's bad little bulldog of a running back out of Michigan State. Born in Liberia, he got a pretty amazing story to tell that speaks to America's continued role as a home for the huddled masses.

In the clip above he tells ESPN that the only reason he plays football is because his school didn't offer soccer -something that I too experienced in 8th grade. Now watch him speed past linebackers and power of would-be tacklers and think for a second about what he would be like on the pitch had he stayed with soccer?

When Marvell Wynne came into the spotlight everyone was quick to point out that he was an example of what happens when our best athletes -not just soccer players, but athletes- play the game instead of baseball, football etc. I think Caulcrick could have been another Wynne or maybe even something better. Dude could have been the Jerome Bettis on the game...now he's just another running back (albeit a damn good one).

I guess I'll just file this (along with my Megamillions hopes) in the "what if" file. But what if our top athletes did look to soccer first, how drastically would that change the game in this country?


GD said...

Along the same lines...Walter Payton's kid was an all state soccer player in his first two years of high school before the gridiron coach got him to go out for the team. Now he's playing in the CFL or something...I'm sure there are many many more examples.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Dribble Like Jehuu?

Now make a play on Rocket From the Crypt, SF.

Jason said...

--Hmm, I misread that title. I was really looking forward to seeing Jeru The Damaja showing off his touch.